Think it’s time for an upgrade.

Think it’s time for an upgrade.


Lauren Bacall | September 16th, 1924 ~ August 12, 2014

“She has a smoldering presence that is palpable, undeniable, and riveting.” — Kelsey Grammer on Lauren Bacall.

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Mammoth on Flickr.

Mammoth on Flickr.


Video: Watch The Last Of Us: One Night Live

Naughty Dog has brought The Last of Us to life in front of hundreds of fans in Santa Monica.

View the trailer here.

Are you fucking kidding me. I leave town and this happens practically in my back yard.

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DMX’s new label: Thryll Ryders

That’s a lot of slapped-together awesome.


That’s a lot of slapped-together awesome.


Dylan Moran on adulthood

I like to think that those days you can barely move from depression and angst of the drudgery of life is the weight of your childhood self wrapped around the legs of your brain, looking up at you petulantly, yelling, “YOU SAID WE WERE GOING TO BUILD THE BEST SPACE FORT EVER!” And you can’t really argue against it because ultimately that’s why the ISS exists.

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Where has this fight scene been all my life.



Photographer Martin Klimas captured the exact moment of these kung-fu porcelain figurines shattering on the ground, resulting in chaotically beautiful images.

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